Project Performance


Project Management Maturity

The organizational perspective of project management greatly impacts project performance. There are 3 noticeable stages of project maturity.


Project Management that focuses on resource maximization and efficient service delivery.

Cross Functional

Focuses on integrating departments to achieve measured results for customer and/or business goals.


Focuses on selecting the best projects to maximize enterprise and shareholder value.

Functional > Cross Functional = 10-20%+

Cross Functional > Enterprise = 10-30%+

Project Management Principles

Finding time to build the elements necessary to improve Project and Portfolio performance can be a daunting task.  One client called it “Football Sunday Work” because it only seems to happen a few hours on the weekend after everything else is done.  That is if the person assigned has the skills to document process and roles, write and deliver training, and build processes to grow and develop their team all at the same time.

We’d like to suggest… Stop reinventing the wheel!  Use the proven Praxilient toolkit and its components.  The components have been designed to operate together efficiently, by providing a simple support model for capabilities-based definition, training, and reinforcement, for all roles engaged in Projects and Portfolio management.  Focus your time on driving organization change and performance, instead of writing the process (unless you have a month of Sundays).

Organization Performance

4S Organization Performance (strategy, systems, structure, style) Model.

Our performance depends upon our organization design.  A well designed organization can significantly boost productivity, performance, and retention.  A good organization design contains:

  • • Strategy - clarifies strategy, purpose, and services
  • • Systems - clarifies policies, processes, and the right assets are in place 
  • • Structure - ensures roles, reporting relationships, and accountabilities are clear
  • • Style - aligns objectives, development of people, and performance rewards
  • • All 4S Elements combine to achieve maximized performance 

Praxilient can help your organization clarify their design and tune it for high levels of performance whether you need a tune up or a do over.  We can assist you at driving performance into the organization's DNA making it a part of a new high performance style.  If you are dissatisfied with performance, we can help you to evaluate design issues and overcome them to improve productivity.


Change Performance

Reduce the time needed to reach a new productive state and build stable and controlled performance.

PREPARE envisions and plans for the change while assessing the organization's ability to make the change. It then clarifies what needs to change and who leads the change.

TRANSITION engages change leaders and builds all things necessary to launch the change successfully ensuring those who need to change are involved and ready.

SUSTAIN measures and reinforces the change to identify corrective actions and supports stability of the new performance.


Praxilient can support an important change, assess your readiness for change, or help you to deploy an effective change management process in your organization.

Ready to take your project, organization or change performance to the next level? Contact us today to get started!